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MEI Labs

You will either step forward into GROWTH or you will step back into SAFETY.

  • Feeling the pressure of not achieving your expected growth?
  • Frustrated because you don’t know how to achieve your goals?
  • Worried that you are behind the 8 ball with experience and techniques?
  • Feeling confused with your underperforming prospecting results?
  • Upset that you want to reach new heights and working harder isn’t the answer?

Quality Is The Best Business Plan

Goal Setting Success

Goal Setting Success

In all areas of our lives, we have things we want to achieve, places we want to go, and mountains we want to climb. In short, we have goals. To attain these goals, we need to have a plan. The goals you have as a salesperson are steppingstones to achieving your personal goals and the lifestyle you desire. Come learn how to make your goals a reality and the behaviors and attitudes you need to reach them. 

No-Pressure Prospecting

No-Pressure Prospecting

The salesperson who claims to “like” prospecting hasn’t ever done it. Learn how to take the pressure off of yourself and your prospects so you can comfortably connect and engage when you are looking for new business. Through the materials, videos, and training, your prospecting behaviors will be forever changed and evolved. You don’t have to like prospecting, you just have to do it.

No Guts. No Gain

No Guts. No Gain.

This anti-wimp program provides self-assertiveness training for sales professionals. Learn how you can alter your attitudes, modify your behavior, and effect positive changes. Gone is the fear of cold calling - fear of being rejected, fear of asking for money, fear of asking for the decision - and other selling roadblocks that are costing you time, sales, and profits. 

MEI Labs

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Invest in Your Growth

  • Goal Setting Success - $425
  • No-Pressure Prospecting - $425
  • No Guts. No Gain - $475
  • MEI Labs Bundle - $1,150

What’s included?

  • Enrollment into Sandler’s LMS
  • Three LIVE, 1 hour, sessions per selected course
  • Fillable PDFs, tools, and Podcasts
  • Weekly Emails with additional resources
  • Study Groups