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Sales Academy

The live Sales Academy (“The Academy”) introduces the revolutionary Sandler Selling System®, a no-nonsense approach to selling that frames the sales call as a business meeting among equals, offering an honest exchange of information between you and your prospects and clients, regardless of whether done in-person, over the phone, or via video conference. We give you the psychology of why people buy and instruction on what you need to do and how to do it to succeed professionally and personally. The Academy will make you re-evaluate everything you were taught about sales!

What You Get:

Participants walk away with actionable strategies and steps to implement immediately for a more efficient and effective sales process. The Academy and its reinforcement training process includes:

• Enrollment in Sandler’s Foundations 10-lesson online course
• Digital and physical workbook
• 8-Weeks Live Virtual Instructor-Led Training
        -Once a week two-hours interactive session facilitated by MEI
        -Held on Tuesdays
• 8-Week Virtual Group Coaching Sessions
        -Once a week one-hour interactive session hosted by MEI
        -No training. Focus is on application, questions and best practices.
        -Held on Thursdays from 12:00 p.m.1:00 p.m. (ET)
• 1-year of access to Sandler Online with 1000+ hours of exclusive Sandler content
• Weekly reinforcement email drips
• Study groups/pods agenda
• Proprietary electronic Sandler support materials
• Ability to become Sandler Bronze Certified

Who Should Attend?

The Academy is for any sales professional, leader or business owner willing to push themselves out of their comfort zone to be great. It’s for people who are stuck:

  • Getting unpredictable and inconsistent sales results.
  • Lacking control of the sales process.
  • Doing more unpaid consulting than selling.
  • Experiencing longer and longer sales cycles.
  • Wasting time and energy chasing suspects and prospects.
  • Being marginalized by price.
  • Presenting to people who can’t or won’t make a decision.
  • Searching for ways to increase sales and profits.

How it Works:

The Academy uses a blended learning approach that makes the work of building skills and getting results easier than it has ever been. It is a continuous weekly loop that allows people to enter the program at any time.

  • Pre-work

    eLearning sessions teach the concepts, strategies and techniques.

  • Live Virtual Classes

    Interactive instructor-led classes reinforce the teachings with examples and role-plays.

  • Homework

    Apply the knowledge and develop the new skills

  • Coaching

    Share best practices and demonstrate the knowledge and skills to real-world application.

What You’ll Learn:

Completing The Academy will enable you to focus your time and energy on the right prospecting behaviors that lead to more sales, more easily. You will be able to:

  • Engage the prospect in a meaningful and relevant manner.
  • Save time by qualifying or disqualifying an opportunity early in the process.
  • Maintain control over the sales process with your prospects.
  • Recognize problems before they become major roadblocks, stalls and objections.
  • Develop a solution that meets the qualification criteria-nothing less…and nothing more.
  • Schedule the presentation with an up-front agreement that the prospect will make a decision at its conclusion.

About the Instructor:

Glenn Headshot

Glenn Mattson

One of the best Sandler trainers who brings a wealth of experience and knowledge that stems from years of experience in everything from entry-level cold calling in the trenches to local, national and international business development and strategies for sales and sales management from the C-Suite perspective. Unique but critical to the effectiveness of the training is that the trainer is out there selling when not teaching or coaching. We never teach anything we don’t practice and do ourselves.

After one session...

"After our group coaching call I had a web meeting with a client. On my desk about 6 inches from my computer were my notes from the coaching call. When I got to the end of my client meeting, I glanced over at my notes and figured I may as well try what I just learned. It was almost as if somebody had given my prospect the script of how to reply.

In 30 seconds he closed himself on starting the underwriting process for life insurance. It was the smoothest close I’ve had in a while and required me to do none of the “selling” on next steps."

Jared Traum, Alliance Financial Group

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