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Keynotes & Professional Facilitation

Get ready to transform the way you think about talent development and management. 

4 Stages of Growth: The Silver Bullet for Developing Producers

Whether brand new to the business or in the top 10% of a company, anyone in a sales role is in pursuit of the “silver bullet” for success, the one factor that will make them unstoppable.

Advisors don’t have to go far at all in their pursuit of the silver bullet to transform themselves or their practice—they already have everything they need inside them. Together, we will dig deep into the four stages of Advisor’s growth—Emerging, Developing, Rainmaking, and CEO.

These are psychological patterns all Advisors experience and once identified become helpful in understanding behaviors and determining how to develop individual growth plans.

Leadership Competency Development: Interactive Workshop

This workshop is for a home office with agency leaders or for agency leaders and their entire team who want to implement consistency across the enterprise from attitudes and beliefs to strategic outcomes.

Our process begins by tieing vision to beliefs, ensuring consistency throughout as it has been our experience that the leadership team defines a company’s mission 98% differently than that of the leader. From there, roles and responsibilities, strengths, and weaknesses are identified. We then begin to develop your playbook and take the emotion out of leadership development. This process includes identifying specific competencies that make someone successful in a leadership role, behavioral mapping, and scorecards. All of this gets aligned with the company’s goals and objectives.

Recruiting Behavioral Mapping: Plan, Creation & Execution

Recruiting is one of the biggest challenges all organizations face.

Anyone who has the function of recruiting as part of their role (including sourcing, interviewing, or onboarding) must attend this three part interactive workshop.

By the end of the program, all participants will have a scalable and trackable custom GPS or compass to crush their recruiting objectives, right down to daily behaviors. We share a proven roadmap on how to achieve consistency in sourcing, scheduling predictable first interviews, and qualifying out the wrong people sooner. Then, we get granular in outlining what activities must consistently be done daily, weekly, and monthly to achieve all of the right key indicators. We tie all of this together by converting all plans and activities into a time tracker which determines exactly how much time your new plan will take in order execute for success.

Campers & Climbers: Convert Your Team to Climbers

Have a successful practice but haven’t grown significantly in the past five years? Lost your mojo? If you fall into one of these categories or are responsible for developing any of the producers within your organization, this is the workshop for you.

We place producers into two categories: Campers and Climbers. Climbers are those who have a deep desire to grow; they continually climb and then protect what has been built before climbing again.

Campers are those who are stuck or plateaued, but from the outside appear successful. Yet, under the hood their mindset says, “I am comfortable with the income I have earned, why work harder than I have to?”

Our team explains why people climb and why they camp. By the end of the program, you will have a solid plan to convert your campers back into climbers.


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